Monday, June 23, 2008


On blogcounter I can see what people were searching for when they found Jewish Simplicity. I wrote an entry a couple of weeks ago where I cited an interview with a certain famous tightwad - I didn't add anything, just linked to something I'd found - and since then people have found my site by searching her name more than twice as much as any other search item. The post also got far more hits than my posts usually do (like, 10 times as many) but interestingly, no one left a comment, even though that was one of the few posts in which I actually solicited them.

Apparently the well-dropped name can increase the traffic to one's blog. Who knew? So with this in mind, please allow me to say one thing:

Jimi Hendrix!

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Mary T said...

~smile~ LOL! I had to laugh when I read that one. ;)