Monday, June 30, 2008

Breakfast: The most expensive meal of the day

Here's a post from Dollar Stretcher about breakfast, the most important - and in our house the most expensive - meal of the day.

I purchase most of our cereal from the health-food section of the supermarket, in an effort to avoid HFCS and GMOs - although of course, unless one buys organic, anything you buy from the supermarket is likely to contain GMOs. I only buy the cereals that are on sale, but that's still $3.50 / box, and we go through at least 3 or 4 boxes a week. Oy!

One way we tried to stretch it was by buying a generic honey-nut-o's substitute from the regular aisle and mixing it in, but it hasn't been overly popular. (Although DK2 eats it every day, with a couple hunks of cojack cheese and some raisins.) I also buy bulk granola from the health food store and eat that with yogurt once or twice a week, and DK1 likes that, but it's not much of a money saver, since I buy the expensive yogurt also! We also do homemade bread with cheese sometimes too, and once in a while DW makes homemade bars, and they always get scarfed right away. Nobody will eat oatmeal but me.

I assume that the rising price of grains will lead to higher prices on high-end cereals, and that will make it harder for me to justify buying them. We may be forced to move to more homemade options. I believe that if we made this granola recipe in the form of a bar, it would get eaten. And as with the breadmachine bread, my guess is that when the more attractive options disappear for a long enough period of time, the less attractive options will begin to look a whole lot better.


suefendrick said...

>DW2 eats [one breakfast] every day...and DW1 likes [another one].

Please clarify for your faithful readers--have you joined a polygamous cult?

rebmoti said...

Whoops! Post revised to reflect monogamy but multi-kiddery.