Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tofu and "Shrimp" with Black Bean Sauce

A couple of people asked me for the recipe to this. I got it from Food and Wine magazine, September 2005 issue. We use the Dyna-Sea brand Surimi Shrimp, which stands up pretty well as long as you don't rough it up too much. It's about $8 a pop out here, though, so with the tofu (another $2.80 usually at least) this isn't the most frugal meal going. But - we only make it about once a month and it's cheaper than eating out. This recipe serves 3 of us, so if you're feeding more you can either double the recipe or serve potstickers or something like that to stretch it out a bit. There's no veg in it so you'll have to find that somewhere as well. We serve it with rice.

A block of tofu, cut into triangles
A package of the shrimp, cut into thirds
2 cloves garlic
a boatload of ginger
1/3 cup or to taste black bean sauce
1/2 cup each cooking wine and vegetable stock
a touch of sugar

Heat the garlic and ginger in a skillet. Add the black beans and heat through, then add the wine, stock and sugar. Let that heat up, then put the tofu and shrimp in there and heat them through. (It's not a stir fry, so don't keep beating at it.) You could throw some peas in there if you're so inclined. The recipe calls for cilantro but we don't use it and haven't missed it.

That's all there is to it, really. Easy-peasy. B'tayavon (that's Hebrew for "bon apetit")


Simcha Daniel Burstyn said...

Ah. I was expecting stir fry with veg. I guess a Buddha's Delite style veggie dish would be a good side. We'll give it a try. I would definitely add some finely chopped cilantro after the cooking or maybe basil. And, of course, a drop of Thai fish sauce.

rebmoti said...

Nope, it is what it says it is. Although if one forewent the rice a veggie-heavy lo mein thing would fill out the bill of fare nicely.