Saturday, October 11, 2008

A bit of a windfall

I led high holy day services for a small congregation in KC. It was fine: they were nice, and I gave them two of my best (and in IL, most controversial) sermons and no-one ran out of the room screaming. Those of you who are hoping that a reasonably good experience will whet my appetite for pulpit work again (DW), don't hold your breath.

Be that as it may, I was paid $3,000 for the work. That's a nice little windfall in a difficult financial time. Here's where I expect the money to go:

$400 to my Visa, in addition to the regular monthly $400 payment I make out of my salary.
$200 to DW's Visa, also in addition to the regular payment.
$300 to pay off my Federation pledge for the year.
$200 for my tax accountant, which is overdue.
$500 (a guesstimate) for routine service on my car, which is also overdue.
I'm probably going to spend $200 or so on some clothes from Land's End, a couple of pairs of winter khakis and a couple of sweaters. Land's End is good value for money, I find.
$100-ish for a rack for my bike, so I can carry my laptop to work without killing myself.
And $800 to savings to make up for the steady attrition in that account over the past several months.
If there's any left over, I may buy a new watch - I'm wearing a $15 job from Target since my nicer one crapped out, but it's not nice enough for someone in a job like mine. We also have a bat mitzvah out of town in November, any additional leftover will go to keeping the expenses of that off the Visa bill.

And thus it goes, like unto a wisp.


nkjvcjs said...

Damn Straight. That is why you will always be my favorite rabbi. I don't care what state you are in McDonald's is not kosher!!!
We miss you guys so much.

Mary T said...

I like your shopping list--but I wouldn't dump the Target watch. ;) I've had lots of complements on mine. :)