Saturday, May 17, 2008

Menu plan

I'm taking this $150 a week thing as a personal challenge. For the second week in a row I planned out 4 meals, but this time I didn't go shopping until after I did so. This week's meals:

chickpea and mushroom curry (Veg Times cookbook p. 269), probably over rice
tofu lo mein (VT p. 347)
"Abba mac and cheese" which is with red sauce rather than milk
"Amy Dacyzyn pilaf" - basically tuna, rice and veg, from Tightwad Gazette 3 p. 247

Then to Dillons, big sale on frozen veg, 10 for $10 for 8 oz. bags, so I bought a bunch. The menu plan helped me not buy things that will eventually be a good meal but aren't on sale, like tortillas, which I know we don't have but don't need this week. I did buy 2 cans of chickpeas without remembering that DW has about 4 baggies of pre-cooked in the freezer, so I may take those back. Esoteric ingredient of the week: teriyaki sauce for the lo mein. Total damage: $117. That leaves appoximately $30 for a later in the week milk, apple and tofu run. We won't even have to worry about Shabbat next week, because we're going to KC to visit her folks.

Shavuah tov! A good week!

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