Friday, May 9, 2008

Deficit spending - the government's, not mine this time

The "economic stimulus" check appeared in my account today. Here's how we spent it:
$200 to DW's CC
$400 to my CC

This represents an extra month's payment to both, and makes 3 monthly payments we've been able to make this month. My CC is now around 7600, which means if I keep up the same pace and stay off the plastic it will be paid off in 23 months.

An extra payment to the loan for DW's car. We've backburnered this but it is eating up a lot of interest.

$500 to savings. Making a total of $2000 we've put in there in the last month, which is, um, $1850 more than we had in there at the end of March.

This leaves about $600 remaining. This will be used for summer camps, lessons, etc. and a pool membership over the summer.

You know what? I don't know about the economy, but I do feel kinda stimulated.

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