Tuesday, April 29, 2008


1 - I called the Times. It turned out it was $27 / mo, which comes out to $6.50 a pop, significantly more than Watermark's price of $5. So I said, discontinue. So the customer rep said, would it may a difference to you if I gave you 1/2 off for the next 16 weeks? And I said, why yes, it would. So now I have the Times for $3.25 for the next 16 weeks. I marked in on the calendar, and at the end of that time, I'll either ask for it again, or cancel. I guess sometimes you really do just have to ask.

2 - We've been paying utility bills for the house in IL even though it's been vacant for 5 months. I probably should have just turned everything off then (my grandparents used to have a home in upstate NY, so I know how to winterize a house). But we were keeping it attractive in the hopes of attracting a buyer, ha ha. But I have 2 $130 bills here, one for electric and water, and 1 for gas. I'm not sure exactly how an empty house uses $80 in water, but the service rep said it might be a running toilet. All I know is, I ain't payin' no more. We're going to have the service turned off and have the neighbor who's been keeping an eye on it empty out the pipes. In July when the current insurance payment runs out, it won't be insured anymore. I just wish Sovereign would hurry up and foreclose already.

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