Thursday, April 24, 2008

Getting through on fumes

I'm not exactly sure how this happened, but we didn't stockpile enough food for the week. We have a good amount of Pesah matzo-meal rolls that DW makes every year, and a couple of boxes of matzo left. (I'm very big on cream cheese and jelly on matzo, it almost makes Pesah for me.) But we are out of cottage cheese, out of eggs, out of most veggies. I froze the leftover brisket because I was sick of eating it. We were long on potatoes, and I had an extra leek, so the other night I made potato and leek soup, and then tonight I made a potato fritter with a slice of hard boiled egg inside that I found in the Jewish Festival cookbook that we've been using this year. But I had to borrow an egg from a neighbor to make it, and now we're out of potatoes.

Because Pesah is so darn expensive we're basically out of money for 10 days, until I get paid next week. I had $15 in my wallet and DW had a $20, and we're basically buying as little as we possibly can to sneak through and avoid any further debting. But, you know, we've got to eat. I think I'm going to buy some ricotta cheese tomorrow and make some sort of cheese pie for Shabbat. I think we have some beets in the fridge. (This is the one cicumstance under which I will eat them without complaint.) Usually we spend another $200 on replenishing the kitchen right after the holiday to go with the $400 we spend on getting the kitchen ready for the holiday but this year we won't be able to do that - until Wednesday at least. Or maybe I should listen to my own advice and make beans and rice for Shabbat. I know I'll be eating them most of next week!

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