Friday, April 18, 2008

Green Pesah resources

Some resources on including an environmental consciousness in our seder:

Passover as if the earth really matters, Arthur Waskow on the Nation website

COEJL (Jewish environmental group) seder

Environmental readings for your seder

Passover and the Global Climate Crisis: Seder Supplement, Newsletter Column Ideas and
Teaching Points by Rabbi Jeff Sultar

One thing we do at our seder table, and that you might want to consider, is expanding the karpas section, both in terms of food and in terms of “programming.” By serving more substantial food, such as asparagus (the quintessential spring vegetable, available in its freshest state for only a couple of weeks a year), potato, sweet potato, and crudités vegetables such as carrots and celery, you can stave off hunger a bit, so your guess might possibly be more patient about doing the seder and not rushing to the meal! (I said, “possibly.”) It would also give us a moment to include some thoughts about our impact on the earth, such as one of these readings.

Happy Pesakh!

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