Thursday, November 13, 2008

Unexpected expenses 2

DK1 and 2 are still sick. DW took them back to the doctor ($25 each co-pay) and it turned out that 1 has an ear infection (prescription antibiotics $20) and 2 has, get this, "clinical pneumonia," whatever that means. Well, it means $60 for an antibiotic, that's what it means. So if you include last week's visits and my visit and med, this adds up to a total of $291 on doctor visits and meds in the past 10 days.

We see here, my friends, the benefit of having a bit of an emergency fund. If I hadn't had that High Holy Day pulpit, and socked away some of the money from it, I would have had to put all this on a credit card.

We're supposed to be going to Omaha tomorrow for a bat mitzvah, a 5 hour drive. I'm not sure if I want to put 2 kids who have been sick for more than a week into the car for a 5-hour drive, even if they are fever free. So maybe DW will go alone, I'm not sure. I'd like to cancel it altogether because the $300 we spent on meds is what this weekend will cost us, but that's probably not fair to DW, whose family it is.

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Pokeberry Mary said...

It is tough to live away from family. I feel for you there. We are splitting up for Thanksgiving. I'm going to be with my mom in Wisconsin and Hubby is going taking kids to see his folks in Florida. CRAZY? These expenses are one reason I try so hard to cut all the other ones. The big subject here this week is that all the airplane tickets we bought recently could have been cheaper had we known they would drop this week! Sometimes you just can't win. The sort of medical stuff you mentioned though, I chalk that up as 'expected' flu season expenses. I already have all the otc stuff and kleenex ready and waiting. Of course we probably won't need RX's until January when we'll have a new deductible to meet. This year I had so many tests done that we used all our deductible and our out of pocket. Hopefully we'll have an cheaper year in 09.