Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Moms doing without plus update

Here's an article from today's Times saying the moms are foregoing spending on themselves to make sure that their little darlings get all the goodies they "need" this Christmas.

And an update: A little while ago I mentioned that we had been told that DK1 needs about $3600 in orthodonture (and that's only "Stage 1"!). Being good middle-class parents, we want to do it - we feel like we have to do it - but the payment plan that the orthodontist offers has to be paid off in 18 months. That's $200 a month, and there just ain't no way we can swing that right now. There was another, "third party" plan which involves getting a loan and spreading the payments over a longer period of time, but they took a look at our credit report and that was the end of that.

The kids have also been asking for a dog - I'm not against it in principle but I just will not take on the expense right now when we're barely (and I mean barely) making ends meet.

It's about time in our lives when the answer to every need has to stop being, take on more debt. We can't do that anyway, the decision is no longer ours. So both of these will either have to wait a year or so until some of our debt is paid down or else, ahem, we're going to have to see some increase on the income side, ahem, coming from the distaff side, if you get my drift.


Pokeberry Mary said...

Have you looked to see if there is a dental school in your area? They might be a little less pricey. I feel for you. Wish we could have done our oldest's teeth but we had no dental back then and it was just too much. Still.. I only had part of my own done when I was a kid and it made a big difference. My folks couldn't afford to finish the work but as I said it is ok now. Who cares anyhow at my age. ;)

rebmoti said...

We checked - no dental school in Wichita.