Monday, April 12, 2010

What we're doing with our tax refund

We got about $1900 back from Uncle Sam this year. (Actually it was about $2200, but we had to pay about $300 to Kansas, the bastards.) Here's what we're doing with it:

$1300 went directly into savings. $300 of that will be put aside for kids' summer camps, and the rest will go into the emergency fund. I've decided that we need to have $2000 in the emergency fund on an ongoing basis rather than the Dave Ramsey-suggested $1,000, because DW's salaries vary widely on a monthly basis and we need to have some cushion there.

We'll put an extra $150 or so into the snowball for credit card 1.

$65 for the Body Shop face wash etc. that I like (although I couldn't bring myself to spend $30 on the eau d'toilette that I've been been using for years, so I'll have to come up with a new alternative there). About $100 for a new pair of glasses for DW, and about $60 for a new pair of shoes for me. It's getting embarrassing, frankly; the uppers are starting to pull away from the sole.

About $80 to replenish the liquor cabinet after Pesah. (Two bottles, a box of wine and a 12 pack of beer.)

$25 donation to the Sierra Club, and $50 to the Sisterhood camp scholarship fund.

Whatever's left over will probably go toward some overdue maintenance on my car.

See? Riotous living.

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